I keep going back and forth, editing and reconfiguring how I wanted to express this thought that I really felt God speak to me. Bear with me as I continue to dig more out of this and edit it to death, lol.

(Isaiah 55:8-11)

“for My thoughts are not your thoughts neither are My ways says the Lord…”

God is limitless and through Jesus we have access to partner with our Creator that which pleases and purposes, bringing glory and honor and praise to His glory as He works through us-

Philipians 4:13 says we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us.

Christ was 100% God and 100% man. He did not operate as God on earth, but operated as the Son operating on earth submitted to the voice of God, under the power of the Holy Spirit (the spirit of God).

Isaiah 55:10 says so as the snow and rain come down and water the earth and make it spring forth he provides seed for the summer and bread for the eater..

All things come from above from God and when God who is limitless in a bounty in love and faithfulness plus the resources of heaven (limitless resorces which we have access to as children of God).

Romans 8:15 says we are adopted, heirs of Christ therefore we have no reason to lack.

He makes a way and all we have to do was walk in His promises and trust God and do as he speaks to our spirits.

This is our Father in Heaven our Savior, our friend, our Father- this is Jehovah Jirah who places us into the places he calls us and as we yeild and submit to his glorious call on our lives HE provides.

I could tell you testimonies of him working as I have decided to have faith in the words He has given me time and again. The God of heaven and earth has a purpose for each of us as we step forward.

Faith is the key and we simply have to extend our faith to partner with who God has proven himself to be. Dig in deeper, and start seeking God for your own dreams today. This is a season of dreams and testimonies and supernatural provision. God makes a way, not us. Rely, lean, trust and call on him like you never have before and watch Him move.
Trusting Him…

Love you all,


First checks going out!

After a trip to the bank, and checks authorized I am again, stunned into silence by the incredible outpouring of generosity already. This is a short blog but I am so blessed already. Thank you – you know who you are.

Practical information (and more testimonies of God and his goodness!)

Hey everyone! I am so glad to invite you to this blog post– I am officially a first year BSSM student. I am so blessed to even simply be in the knowledge that I am standing in the smack dab of His perfect will for my life and the many world over I will touch because of your generosity of prayers and finances.

The practical aspects of this journey are great, but at every turn with every confirmation He has created possibilities. I was talking with Katherine in Redding on the phone today, and she is just as stoked to meet me as I am to go there. She even told me she is excited for me, praying for me and was relaying the same feeling of excitement for what God is doing in this.

She is also an incredible link out there for me to have. Katherine is helping me as I am in Rockford to find a job in Redding. That is huge for me to have support already being built. Please keep her in your prayers as she is helping that God blesses her socks off.

What I am doing here in Rockford is finishing up Life School of the Bible. I’m so excited about graduation and where God is taking and transforming our first graduating class. Life School of the Bible has established my faith in Christ by teaching great foundational truths. It has encouraged me to step out to become the woman God is shaping me to be.

I am looking at taking amtrak out to Redding on Aug. 26th. Cost is based on people going so I will be praying confirmation that is my way out there. I need to do it soon, no joke.

What else can I say, unscripted and honestly? I am humbled and blessed beyond measure as I walk in obedience and stand on the promises that have been spoken to me, and that I learn and grow in every day.

There is so much on my heart, and I hope to each and every reader, prayer partner and supporter that to share person to person the incredible work he is doing even right this moment.

Much love to everyone!

Bethel Church Here I Come!

Bethel Church Here I Come!

I got my acceptance letter today. I am giddy with excitement and so full of joy. This means more to me then anything — this is bigger then any dream I have ever dreamed. I have such hope right now, and am so encouraged, God is so incredible and awesome, and it is to His glory that I go. Thank you Lord for your amazing grace and sweet sweet love. This would not be possible without you!

From almonds to mountains..



A long time ago the Lord spoke to me about almonds and what they symbolize. What they meant for me. In Jerimiah 1 God is speaking to Jerimiah and shows him an almond branch. When he said “I can’t” God said (paraphrased nellie version here) “watch what I can do… now get moving.” Phone interview is today. Trusting and relying on Him to help me. I know my Lord and know his no need to stress too much. I just need to be who God created me to be and remain in his presence. Love you all!

A Testimony…or two :-)

Doing form letters is like pouring hot molten lava on my creative spirit. I call myself a writer but today I was surrounded by much smarter people helping me. I felt a bit underwhelmed and frustrated but their guidance made my letter way better. I also got my first donation. It blesses me more then anything knowing that people are behind me and supportive. I shared the dream behind the decision and how it all came to get to this place

I’m overwhlemed slightly by the magnitude of this dream. Its something I could ever dream alone, but the Lord has made a way, and is going to provide. I choose to trust God.

I am still looking for summer work, but want to spend more time with my son Nick before I leave. I want to spend my time devoted to the people God has given me. My pastors have encouraged me so much and given me more then they know with their approval. I want to take time to disciple others this year, and really make time for them.

So much to do, so little time. Super tired. Phone interview is Tuesday, with Matt from BSSM 1st year pastoral team. Keep me in your prayers. Much love to everyone reading!