Its my birthday…spiritual that is.

What can God do with 2 years and a willing heart? Today I celebrated with gratitude. Today I looked back for a moment and saw a journey that barely feels like it ever was. I think I have said this before but whenever I look back I do not recognize me.

I have spent the last 2 years doing an epic restart and trusting God with the details. I came from a rough beginning, and this bright cheery woman, this woman of God who is becoming more his every day was described by others as scary, and ugly.

It took prayer and pouring in, and every prayer poured out and every tear I cried I turned over to him. This ladies and gents, is what Jesus can do with 2 years. Now imagine what he will do in the next two! I have seen miracles in my family, and even my own son receive the lord as his savior. Thank you lord for your miraculous power and grace!

I am admittedly a little scared but I am beginning to find within myself strength I never had. Only through christ have I leapt and bound into his presence. Only through his unending love and grace and infinite forgiveness am I complete.

It is alone through Him who works all things for my good and his glory that I trust and lean upon. Give me Jesus and I am complete, but give me the chance to change the world and do what he has called me to do, and Lord, here I am.

Send me to the poor and broken, and give me the people who know nothing but bad so your redemptive work can be done. Miracles, signs, and wonders followed Jesus as He served the people. I want that. I am your bondservant, follower and bride. Whatever he asks, I will go.

Big words, I know… but this is my prayer and desire. Nothing else but His kingdom come will do.

Love you all,


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