A Testimony…or two :-)

Doing form letters is like pouring hot molten lava on my creative spirit. I call myself a writer but today I was surrounded by much smarter people helping me. I felt a bit underwhelmed and frustrated but their guidance made my letter way better. I also got my first donation. It blesses me more then anything knowing that people are behind me and supportive. I shared the dream behind the decision and how it all came to get to this place

I’m overwhlemed slightly by the magnitude of this dream. Its something I could ever dream alone, but the Lord has made a way, and is going to provide. I choose to trust God.

I am still looking for summer work, but want to spend more time with my son Nick before I leave. I want to spend my time devoted to the people God has given me. My pastors have encouraged me so much and given me more then they know with their approval. I want to take time to disciple others this year, and really make time for them.

So much to do, so little time. Super tired. Phone interview is Tuesday, with Matt from BSSM 1st year pastoral team. Keep me in your prayers. Much love to everyone reading!


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