Where I’m at

Hello to my few and far between readers. I am aware that many of you might not feel 100% about donating your hard earned cash to tuition (need $2880 yet) but there are other ways you can help if you choose to.

And just to be clear, it is a choice. Prayer is soo important to me as I prepare to venture out, and it is something I value above money though financial gifts are deeply appreciated. With finances you plant a seed and I do feel God has been very clear with me about what the seed will become..it will be souls saved, lives set free of bondage and addiction. It will change lives.

Its not just about me. Its about everyone I will meet. Every life I get to reach for Him who gave all. I want for nothing less the His call.

I have a lot of thoughts on my mind today, as time is getting closer to my leave date of August 26. On that note, if you feel led to put towards my train ticket (approx 193 possibly more now) leaving from chicago to Redding, it would be deeply appreciated. Other costs are mailing boxes out to me. I will be the first to admit I have no idea how this works but I know that even selling whatever he tells me, I still have to have some things like clothes and family memory books etc sent out. If any of the above speak to you, email me or comment on my blog. Any and all help is appreciated. And I am willing to work in exchange when I am free.

Other things I have as costs are specifically for the cost of rent. I would like to have 2 months rent saved- approx 600. While I will be looking for work, I am fully aware that finding a job might take time. I have faith though that I will get a job at the right place that will work with my school scedhule.

Besides all that.. I am grateful to those who have pledged or given already. This is going to be incredible, and I am excited beyond belief for the chance to follow the Lords call on my life.

Have a blessed day!


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