The small moments

Tonight I shared with mentorship where I was going. Not a big deal right? Wrong. I have been feeling so discouraged yet as I was surrounded in prayer I felt the love of God fill the room, and was like nothing like I have ever received before.

I am so blessed beyond measure. God has done so much in my life. All because of His unshakable unmovable love for me. I used to feel so alone and scared. Meeting people freaked me out. Anxiety and depression had a stronghold I couldn’t shake. Not until I let Jesus take control. He is my healer and my passion.

Lately God has really been speaking to me on praying specific things. As the father has revealed his heart for me I have longed to see the plan He made come true for me.

Nothing else matters. He never fails, never leaves, never abandons…the love and favor He bestows are gifts of grace. I am so excited as I watch Him move and change evrything around me and in many other peoples lives.

This may sound silly but I really love Jesus. I want to be an expression of His love, and lead others to Him. So many thoughts, but for the first time in weeks, I am going to sleep mostly pain free. Cause that’s my Jesus..healer, redeemer, and best friend.

Goodnight to you all šŸ™‚



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