Faith, Hope and Love

Today was the first day in a long time that I felt love and acceptance. It was the first time someone else, besides me told me straight up that I was doing the right thing. Funny, its not about California or Bethel which are both great things..its about obedience. I think I have talked about this before but today something awesome came out of pain.

First of all, I am blessed beyond measure to have friends who deal with me very honestly. I have people who really love me and want me to do well. This is a new thing, and without explaining well let’s just say they know me pretty well.

As I’m talking to my pastor today he reminded me of acouple of things. Painful things. The truth hurts but heals us.. in placing my children it may or may not have been “abandonment” both situations are tough to explain, but the point is I’m forgiven..and it was time to forgive myself.

A great prayer/cry later, I stood up feeling freer then I have in weeks. Its amazing, really when you stand up, take responsibility and say “the past is the past..I’m moving forward”. Even better is becoming a little more free and finally coming to a place where you are walking out the freedom that the Lord so freely gave.

I, like everyone else am growing and doing. Life isn’t easy but its worth it. Its like nothing else with God. With God, all things are possible–finances for the journey, and beyond, healing..even making painful truths turn into healing salve and unknowingly setting someone free from the chains of a bondage that held someone back.

35 days. I need help. Desperately..prayer, encouragement…partner with me in faith as I walk in obedience to His call on my life. Stepping out into the great wide world, in 35 days. Wow! I am telling work this week, and writing a letter to my uncle to tell him. I’m afraid, yes, but if I have to do this afraid so be it.

I am done listening to the lies of the enamy. Time to stand, to kneel, to pray til I lose my voice.

It is time to fight and this woman is not giving in. Whatever your dream is, pursue it with God…all things. ALL things are possible to those that believe!

Agreeing with all of you for your own life/dreams/healing!