It will be alright

I am not even sure if anyone still reads my blogs, not that I blame them . if has not been easy and it has been a journey for me and my family. to ask people to stand by me when life has been one crisis after another, is unfair. So I won’t. Its not that that I don’t trust you, or like you, but if I don’t expect you to care for me and help me when I need it, then you cannot let me down.

Part of that line of thinking is self protecting, not necessarily what i am aiming for. I just want to be fair to my friends, and see who will stick around after I give them permission to leave me behind. I won’t let disappointment reign, i just need to know who is really my friend..part of that is deciding what relationships i want to focus on, and who i want to build relationship with.

I am becoming more aware that everyone isn’t my friend, nor wants to be.

I want genuine, real, loving, and open people n my life. people who love well, and care about the well being of others. People who don’t hide who they are when they are afraid. People who step out of the shadow of fear and inspire others to be fearless and real. Thats the kind of friend I want to be. I want to be an open book..this whole concept of a closed book relationship is stupid to me. Love each other and make relationship a priority. I only get you for a few months, lets not waste each others time shall we?

But hey, don’t worry… It will be alright. Now will my real friends please stand up?