Transition, Volcanos and Flowers ..

“You are never more vulnerable than when in transition “ says Lance Wallnau.

And boy oh boy is he right .
I find myself seeking stability, but everything is shifting sands in the desert.
And then He speaks — Its like God knows me or something . (ha ha )

He showed me two pictures: A volcano and a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my desk.
I googled volcanos and the search came up with volcanos and earthquakes .. and life on this earth, the brevity of it is based on the fact that the surface doesn’t change too much, unless of course were on an active volcano .

There is so much deeper within the earth , so much turmoil and twisting , rumbling and bumbling. The bible speaks about the earth many times in the bible, and one of those verses is the earth itself cries out to God.

Beneath us the tectonic plates shift and move. Our planet orbits and turns creating day and night. This balance of movement means we are actually never really standing still, and that things are never going to stay the same . Take it as you will , but today the Lord said this to me,

“Bursting with beauty” .

Bursting , violently forth out of the skin of my insecurities and fears , out of the ground, where I’ve hidden for so long that I cannot imagine light , except I am becoming more aware that I AM is the light in me, and HE named me . He called me . My name even means LIGHT !

Who we are called means something .
It is in transition that we either embrace him in the storms of life and trust or we throw a fit and eventually realize we have been safe all along in his arms .

We are guaranteed there will be problems and storms and upsets . It is called being human.
But we are also guaranteed that in the midst of the movement beneath us, something new is rising up and what is coming is beyond what we expect, if we let our light shine and choose to say yes to him , and that is when ladies and gentlemen, we become violently beautiful, dangerous to the enemy. That is when we roar his goodness. and that is when we take the territory back from the enemy, punch him in the face and say “It may look barren now, but have you ever heard about hawaii ? Thats what I’m becoming ! This is my island, and this is the Lords.”

Our praise silences the enemy and as we cry out to HIM , we become more alive, more thankful and BAM there is a light . What if the temporary feelings you’re experiencing are trying to hold you back from who God has called you to be ? What if it took one deep breath, one more moment of faith to rise up out of the ground and become the fierce , and powerful person you were called to be ?

Your story does not end today, and your history with God is just beginning . It takes bravery and courage and trust, especially when all we feel are the tectonic plates shifting beneath the earth right beneath us.

What is He saying to you today ? Close your eyes and stand still and for one moment just trust that he has an answer , and if you don’t hear or feel anything , just wait and see cause whats about to burst out of you is the answer you’ve been looking for all along.

You were made to shine, so shine victorious ones, and remember who calls you His .



One thought on “Transition, Volcanos and Flowers ..

  1. MeMe says:

    Wow! You write beautifully, Nellie! Soooo much meat to chew on!!! Thank you, you shining one!!!

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